Outdoor Tv Box Covers

Help Protect your Outdoor Cable Box from Dust, Lt Moisture & Static.

Order Your Custom Cool Cable Box Cover

Cable Box Covers are made from the same
Excellent Quality Marine Grade Vinyl
as the TV Covers.

Your Cable Box Cover will slide on from the front
and there are velcro strips in the back in order to pinch the back closed around the cables.

Cost $39.00

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DISCLAIMER: Remove Cover when TV is on.
Some Cable Boxes run Hot even when the TV is off so you may choose to leave the back open for more ventilation.

**Cable Box Cover will not work if the Cable Box is Tie Wrapped or secured in some way to the back, top or bottom of the TV.**

Cable Box Covers will help protect from dust and light moisture. These Covers are not meant to withstand direct rain,
maintain warmth in below freezing temperatures or to keep cool in extreme heat

Don't forget a matching Remote Cool Cover.


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