Custom Outdoor TV Covers

Quality TV Covers with the looks to match! Help protect your investment from Dust, Lt Moisture & Static.

Disclaimer Info

Custom Cool TV Covers will help protect your TV from Light Moisture, Dust & Static,
and they look nice when your TV is not in use, but they canít prevent a short circuit problem.

Note: Plasma TVís are filled using a gas technology and will not withstand hot and cold environments.
LCD TVís are manufactured using liquid crystal technology, which is better for outdoor use.

Disclaimer: TVís are not weather proofed so moisture, humidity, and rain may enter the TVís interior
and cause the internal circuitry to short out. Donít forget those pesky insects.
Insects are a conductor of electricity and may cause a short circuit.
Itís always a good idea to allow the Cover to ďair outĒ on a good weather day,
if youíve not removed the Cover for entertainment purposes in awhile.

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