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Please fill out T.V. and Mount Information Form below and submit. Payment not requested until after Invoice has been created.
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If you’d prefer to place your order by phone, please have measurements, as requested below, available.
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Please note that we request measurement(s) for the Mount opening after the TV has been installed. See Diagrams below.

The information will only be used to complete your order, and will not be shared with a third party.
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TV Installer / Distributor Information Section

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In no case will Custom Cool TV Covers be responsible for damage to outdoor TV. Read More
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TV Information: Your TV Cover is being made based on information you provide so please provide as much information as possible. Don't round up your measurements. Don't add the Mount to your TV Depth.
Provide photos if you'd like to explain your set up.
TV Brand     TV Model #   Look on back of your TV for the Model #
Exact TV Width     Exact TV Height     Exact TV Depth  
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(A) I measured the TV exactly. I did not round up my measurements and I did not add the mount depth.
(B) I provided manufacturer measurements.
You may add your comments here
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Mount Information - We require your help in providing a few more measurements once the TV is mounted.
Only Check One Box - C , D or E
(C) My TV won't be mounted on the wall. I'm leaving it on the TV Table Top Stand.
If this is the case and you've checked this box, you may proceed to bottom of this page. Please tell us how you heard about Custom Cool TV Covers.
(D) My TV is mounted on the wall.
(E) My TV will be mounted on the wall, but is not mounted yet. Continue reading information in the RED below.
We must make a hole /opening the correct size and in the correct spot to accommodate your Wall Mount.
It will only take a few days for us to have your Custom Cool TV Cover made and ready to ship once you have provided the necessary measurements.
Please provide as much information regarding your Wall Mount to ensure best fitting TV Cover.
TV Wall Mount Brand (Ex. Sanus, Rocket Fish, Chief)     TV Wall Mount Model #    
Providing photos is very helpful.Email photos to

Choose Option 1 or 2 below. We are unable to make your Custom Cool TV Cover without this information.
Option 1
I'm not concerned about fabric coverage / protection for the back of the TV. I need the front and sides of my TV protected, but not worried so much about the back of the TV. Please make my Custom Cool TV Cover with 4" of fabric on the four back sides of my Cover. I understand that this will leave my TV exposed in the back.
Option 2
I am concerned about fabric coverage/protection for the back of my TV so I'm going to provide the measurements requested below, once my TV is mounted.
Click Here to View Link of Different Type Mounts and How to Measure for (A), (B), (C) and (D).
Dear Customers, if you have chosen Option 2 but don't enter your (A), (B), (C) and (D) Measurements your order will be on HOLD.
(A) View link above.
(B) View link above.
(C) View link above. - From back of TV - Right side is (C)
(D) View link above. - From back of TV - Left side is (D)
Does your Mount look more like a: Type 1 Mount   Type 2 Mount   Type 3 Mount   Type 4 Mount  
Have you added a Sound Bar, Cable Box or Receiver to the TV or attached anything to the Mount? If yes: email photos to
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SAVE a trip to the Hardware store and add USA Made Tie Wraps to your order.
View attached link for Part numbers and add desired Part number(s) to comments section above.
We will add Tie Wraps to your Custom Cool TV Cover Invoice and apply the same great Dealer Discount!

Additional Covers to match and help protect your investment
Please Enter the Measurements Requested (in inches) For the Cable Box Only.

Please add a Cable Box Cover to this order.

cable box coverCable Box Cover $49
Top of Box to Bottom of Box Height  
Left Side of Box to Right Side of Box Width
Front of Box to Back of Box Depth

Please add a Remote Control Cover to this order.

remote control coverRemote Control Cover $14.95



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