Custom Outdoor TV Covers

Quality TV Covers with the looks to match! Help protect your investment from Dust, Lt Moisture & Static.

Fabric Information


Thank you for your interest in a Custom Cool TV Cover!

The Fabric is very high quality Marine Grade Vinyl. Same Vinyl used for the interior of boats and boat seats.
Marine Grade Vinyl has 5 year life expectancy.
The Custom Cool TV Cover will most likely outlast your TV - as technology is changing so rapidly.
***Metallic Silver and Metallic Gold Vinyl is great for Designs but not suggested for the Main Portion of the TV Cover.***
As noted in your TV manual, your TV is not equipped to with stand extreme temperatures one way or the other-but they are indoor TV's so that makes sense.
The trend now is to put Indoor TV's, Outside and protect them the best way we can.
The Cover's can't regulate temperature but they are a great alternative to the very expensive OUTDOOR TV's.

Two Free Benefits added to all Custom Cool TV Covers.
1. All Custom Cool TV Covers are made with a 1/4 inch, padded, moisture wicking lining which may help insulate.

2. All Custom Cool TV Cover, made to accommodate a Wall Mount, have a 2” Rain Guard.
Rain Guard:


High Quality Marine Grade Vinyl. You choose your Cover color and you choose the color for your Design!

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